About Us

Welcome to GD Psych Services, LLC. Our organization is comprised of the most professional licensed clinical social workers, mental health counselors, and psychologists in the community, offering a wide variety of psychological services to the greater Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, NM region. Clients are treated by a specialized licensed social worker in Individual & Group sessions; Marital Counseling; Sex-Offender Therapy; and Military-Specific Therapy. We understand the sensitive nature of your concerns and needs and work mindfully with our clients to help them achieve a resolution.


I am a psychologist who has dedicated my professional career to understanding the psychological mind from various lenses and providing services to underserved populations. This provides me the opportunity to work with individuals from across the lifespan who have different needs and levels of diagnostic severity requiring different psychological intervention. My current focus of practice consists of forensic assessment and evaluation, expert testimony, psychological and neuropsychological testing, learning evaluation and waivers, and professional lectures with CEU eligibility. Separate from psychological services, I enjoy tutoring children of all ages in various subjects, or collaboratively develop a learning plan specific to a student’s learning style.

Academically, I received a Bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Criminal Justice from Northeastern University, a Master’s Degree for Forensic Psychology and Counseling from Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, as well as a Psychology Doctorate from Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. My APA Pre-Doctoral Internship was at Tewksbury State Hospital and APA Post-Doctoral Residency was with the United States Army as a direct commission Captain.

My professional experiences include and are not limited to testing and assessment (neurological, psychological, learning), forensic practice (testimony, assessment, outpatient/inpatient therapy, evaluation, Court-mandated treatment, and correctional administrator), personnel selection, and grant writing. I have also published in academic journals and a text book, and provided CEU lectures around the country. Currently, I am pending licensure in the state of NM; however, GD Psych Services, LLC is a team of well-trained and capable Master’s level Social Workers, Mental Health Clinicians, and Licensed Psychologists who also provide these services.

Meet Mark Dwyer, Owner & COO

I have worked as an Executive Manager for 30+ years as a results driven leader. In doing so, I have specialized in training/development, talent acquisition, customer service, new market development, expense control/management, data analysis, loss prevention, budget development, project management, merchandising execution, establishment of operational excellence and exceeded sales/profit expectations. For the past three years, it has been my honor to support my wife’s career as an Army Captain and now, after her retirement, stand along side her as a proud Co-Owner of GD Psych Services, LLC. It is my continued mission to provide training services in various fields to existing professionals and ensure only the best mental health care is provided to those in need.

Meet Lisa Maria Galles, LPCC

Hi, I’m Lisa! I have a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and am independently licensed as a counselor (LPCC) in our great state of New Mexico. I have spent most of my career working in jails, as part of a mobile crisis team, with individuals whose functioning is seriously compromised by their mental illness (such as severe depression, bipolar or schizophrenia) and in rehabilitation facilities. My primary role at GD Psych Services is conducting psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for individuals of all ages alongside a team of psychologists. These assessments are usually used to better understand an individual’s diagnosis, to clarify cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and to provide treatment recommendations. My secondary role is as a therapist, helping those who struggle with anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. I enjoy incorporating running or walking together into therapy sessions as being alongside one another seems to allow for individuals to open up in a way that facing each other in an therapy office doesn’t. Outside of my work (which I absolutely love), I enjoy being outside, spending time with my animals (four dogs, four turtles, and one chicken), playing soccer, riding my bike, and simply doing nothing. I believe every human is beautiful and is capable of positive change. Together, let’s figure out how to improve your life! I can’t wait to meet you.

Meet Alma Babbitt, LADAC, LPCC

Alma Babbitt is from Albuquerque New Mexico. She has her Associates in Liberal Arts from Central New Mexico College, Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Psychology with an emphasis in substance abuse. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree, she obtained her LSAA and volunteered briefly at AMCI while working as a psychiatric technician at a local juvenile residential treatment facility and completing her dual Master’s Degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. She has both a License in Alcohol and Substance Abuse counseling (LADAC) and License in Mental Health Counseling (LMHC) providing services for both individual therapy, group therapy, and completing psychiatric assessments for appropriate referrals.

Specialties include working closely with severely mentally ill populations, trauma patients, and utilizing a psychodynamic approach (cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapy, moral reconation therapy, mindfulness practices, positive psychology, solution focused, and recovery support services).

“I believe there is no single approach for every person, and each person is unique. My passion is help others to live a better existence with guidance, and support.”

Meet Dr. Susanne Drury

One of the things I have learned in my career is that we now know how to help clients rediscover their aliveness and vitality even if they have a history of trauma. Our understanding of the neurobiology of trauma allows us to integrate all the parts of someone into new wholeness. This is the scope with which I practice and has proven effective for my clients.

I have been practicing as a licensed Psychologist for over 35-years, specializing in addictions and trauma informed care. During my time as a practitioner of mental health, I taught a five-course specialty program on trauma work for 17-years, developed and directed a residential trauma program for women, provided organizational consultion to various organizations and businesses, and conducted several team building trainings to groups needing assistance in getting past work place conflicts and dysfunctional communication patterns. Throughout my years as a practicing Psychologist, I have obtained certification and training from elite programs and instructors in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and over 400 hours of specialized training in treating trauma disorders. It is my mission to provide psychological support to individuals in need and to do so through therapeutic efforts, training, and consultation. Additionally, it is a passion of mine to teach other professionals in the field to provide these services to their clients as well.

Meet Dr. Erika Updegrove

Dr. Updegrove began her career in the field of psychology in 2001. Since then she has gained experience in many facets of psychology. Dr. Updegrove has worked with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, for over 15 years. She also has experience in both the assessment and treatment of individuals impacted by traumatic and acquired brain injury. Dr. Updegrove earned her M.Ed. from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2007 and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2008. She went on to obtain her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from William James College, graduating in 2015. Dr. Updegrove completed predoctoral externships in neuropsychology at Brigham and Womens Hospital / Harvard Medical School and at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Bedford, Massachusetts. She completed her APA accredited, predoctoral internship in geropsychology and neuropsychology, with a minor in forensic psychology, at Central Regional Hospital / University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Dr. Updegrove went on to complete postdoctoral training in community mental health. She obtained her New York State psychology licensure and currently lives and practices in New York City. She has happily joined G-D Psych Services in the role of consultant while she obtains licensure in New Mexico.

Meet Afton Sparrow, LMHC, LPAT, Board Certified Art Therapist

“Life doesn’t get easier, we get stronger”- Those words have shaped how I approach counseling and life. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Licensed Board Certified Art Therapist, I strive to develop a strong relationship with my clients to help them build their own strength. I have worked in several states across the country and I have extensive experience working with a variety of individuals of all ages, partners and families to improve communication, emotion regulation and coping and relaxation skills. My goals are always to work with individuals where they are at and help them identify their own needs and the best way in which to achieve their own goals. My style of therapy is not telling someone how they feel or what to do, but allowing them the space to express their thoughts and develop their own understanding of the path they wish to take. Through utilizing a variety of both verbal and non-verbal skills I work with clients across the lifespan to better understand their power to embrace the person they hope to be and develop a better understanding of how their previous life has prepared them for who they are to become.

Meet Nina Dozoretz, Practice Manager

Nina Dozoretz’ career spans over 40 years. She is a retired Captain of the United States Public Health Service and served in various senior leadership positions in the Indian Health Service, Federal Bureau of Prisons, the United States Surgeon General’s Office, and the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Ms. Dozoretz has over five (5) years project director experience in managing medium to large multi-million dollar contracts to the Department of Justice and ICE requiring extensive knowledge in policy and procedure development, organizational management, budgeting, finance, tactical deployments, responding to congressional and public media inquiries and staff development.

In addition to Ms. Dozoretz’ over thirty (30) years of health care subject matter expertise in administration, medical staffing, health information, policy development, and conducting medical and financial audits, she has extensive knowledge and expertise in the application of industry recognized standards of the American Correctional Association (ACA), the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) and the Department of Justice Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) and the Department of Homeland Security’s Standards To Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Sexual Abuse and Assault in Confinement Facilities, enacted in March 2014.

Additionally, Ms. Dozoretz was instrumental in revising the Health Records and Information standards for NCCHC, was an NCCHC surveyor and national speaker, and a former Chair of the NCCHC Board of Directors. Ms. Dozoretz is widely known and respected among her colleagues and associates in the public health, and correctional/detention fields.

Ms. Dozoretz has a BS degree in Medical Records Administration from Daemen College in Buffalo, NY, is a Registered Health Information Administrator and has a master’s degree in Computers and Resource Information Management from Webster University.

Nina is a service-disabled veteran and a member of several veteran and uniformed services organizations, such as the Military Officers Association of America, the Commissioned Officers Association and the American Legion.

She is also an active member of the National Sheriff’s Association, the American Jail Association, the American Correctional Association and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.

Meet Kara Tromp, LADAC, LMHC

I have a passion for helping people across the lifespan understand and heal from trauma, addiction and day-to-day stressors. I was born in Missoula, Montana, and raised in Seattle. I moved to New Mexico having visited only once, as a teenager. Later I resided in New York City, beginning my higher education at La Guardia Community College in Queens. Upon my return to New Mexico, I earned a BA from the University of New Mexico with a concentration in play therapy with children and Addiction Counseling and, after three years of practicing substance abuse counseling, I was awarded my Licensed Alcohol and Drug Addition Counselor (LADAC). In addition to my schooling at UNM, I graduated from Adams State University with a MA in Counseling in May 2019 with a concentration in play therapy with children. Currently I hold a License in Mental Health Counseling (LMHC) and am working towards independent licensure. Additionally, I am a licensed foster parent for state of NM. I have previous experience working with children in an outpatient setting and in private treatment centers. Most recently, I worked with youth struggling with substance abuse. I am a Level 4 certified Sand Tray Therapist and hold a certificate in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. I live in Albuquerque with my wife and children, and in my spare time I enjoy building furniture. My personal mission is to befriend every dog or cat I meet.

Meet Connie Cox, LCSW

I am looking forward to meeting you! Your healing will be accomplished in the container we will create through compassion, safety, flexibility, and consistency. You are needed in the world: thank you for all that you were, are, and will be!

I have a Master’s Degree from the University of Pittsburgh and have practiced as a Licensed Social Worker in several states. I am a member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and completed 60 training hours of Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Alan Fruzzetti, Ph.D. at the University of Las Vegas in Nevada. I have studied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with David Burns at Henry Ford Behavioral Health in Detroit, Michigan, and in conferences. My practice is focused and applicable for adolescents 14 and above, adults, geriatrics, and families.

Meet Robert Varley, Certified Yoga Instructor

I have recently relocated from Seattle Washington to Rio Rancho New Mexico. I have been practicing yoga for the past 7 years. I was first introduced to yoga as a practice to heal and strengthen my body as I have been a hairdresser for 40 plus years and needed a way to alleviate the wear and tear on my body from standing behind the chair. I have always been a physically fit and aware person but as I grew older I realized my body and my mind needed something different. When I participated in my first yoga session I knew then that this was the practice for me. Through my practice and development in YOGA I decided that I wanted to become a teacher and Instructor. I felt that I could offer those like myself a benefit and support. I am also keenly aware that my interest in art and natural landscape could also be of benefit to those needing to have an outlet from which to express and create their own sense of well being. It is with this passion I grow and offer to others the possibilities and benefits I have received and enjoyed. I currently offer private yoga sessions to all ages including youth, couples, and families.

Meet Kelsey Ullrich, LMHC

Kelsey Ullrich is a licensed psychotherapist with training in art therapy and is a certified yoga teacher. Kelsey attended Watkins College of Art in Nashville, TN where she received a BFA in Graphic Design, followed by receiving her Master’s in Counseling and Art Therapy at Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kelsey received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification through Blue Osa’s one-month immersion yoga teacher training in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica. Since 2017, Kelsey has been running her business, Inner Circle Private Holistic Healing Retreats, where she facilitates private therapy retreats for individuals, couples, and families.

Kelsey is excited to join the GD Psych family and is passionate about supporting clients looking to reclaim their relationship to their emotional and mental health. Kelsey has experience working with a wide range of clients including children, women, men, couples, families, and LGBTQ+ community. She enjoys supporting clients who are dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, codependency, addiction, trauma, PTSD, and attachment disorder. Kelsey uses a holistic approach when working with her clients and incorporates a blend of talk therapy, art therapy, and mindfulness techniques in her sessions. In her free time, Kelsey enjoys writing, art-making, being physically active, spending time with her dog, and educating others on the importance of normalizing mental health issues and receiving mental health support.

Meet Averi Gleason, Clinical Office Manager

Averi Gleason is our Clinical Office Manager. She has a foundational career in customer service administration, patient onboarding, data management, and care coordination. In her position with GD Psych Services, Averi is responsible for helping with new patients, scheduling, verifying insurances, marketing and more. She enjoys interacting with the patients and their families and serving as the kind and helpful voice that will answer the call of someone in need or crisis. She loves leaving work each day knowing that what she contributes truly impacts the lives of our patients.

Averi began her career as an intern for a rehabilitation in-patient program. She then served as an intern for Make-A-Wish before being hired to serve as the in-take coordinator. She has spent the last few years working in mental health as an office manager overseeing client onboarding, billing, and navigation of benefits. Averi is currently attending Liberty University seeking a bachelor degree in social work. Averi has a passion for serving others and assisting them in their journey to complete health.

Averi is married with three children and three four-legged friends. Her husband is a member of the New Mexico National Guard and also works as a police officer with APD. In her free time, Averi enjoys hiking with her family and doing animal rescue work. She also does freelance work for independent business owners who need help with starting up their facilities, business planning, operational processes, and marketing.