Therapy for couples often involves rebuilding trust, intimacy, and excitement in a marriage or committed relationship–or the therapy can be helpful if either partner is undergoing particularly difficult periods during the course of life. Marital therapy services at GD Psych Services, LLC includes pre-marital counseling, with an emphasis on identifying important values and priorities each partner has. Open communication strategies are identified, as well as relationship building techniques, such as learning each partner’s language and creating new habits of prioritizing the relationship.

Marriage therapy also helps couples who have experienced infidelity, both physical and emotional, or other forms of broken trust. Couples will meet together with a licensed counselor, usually weekly, depending on their needs. They will have a safe space to identify issues in the relationship. This will supply couples with strategies for communication and conflict resolution. Therapy for couples also gives committed partners a way to “check in” with each other before the marriage is derailed. GD Psych Services, LLC can also use sessions to help couples seeking ways to reignite passion and intimacy in the relationship.

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