State Approved Domestic Violence Offenders Treatment Intervention (DVOTI)

GD Psych Services, LLC provides the state of New Mexico supportive, solution-based psychological services provided by the most professional licensed clinical social workers, mental health counselors, and psychologists in the community. Our organization is fully committed to helping those in need maintain mental health and happiness using the best solutions to overcome the greatest psychological challenges. To honor this mission, we are now offering Domestic Violence Group Intervention via in-person and video in addition to all of the other mental health services we offer.

Our Domestic Violence Group Intervention is a CYFD and Court approved program and includes group curriculum for 27 or 52-weeks for any gender, age, or stage of life. CYFD approves programs that treat and intervene in the violence and coercive behaviors of perpetrators. Our Domestic Violence Group Intervention takes referrals from New Mexico Courts for people who violate the Crimes Against Household Members Act (NMSA 30-3-10), the Harassment and Stalking Act (20-3A-3), and the Family Violence Protection Act (40-13-1). Included in the above noted acts are individuals who have been accused of or convicted of stalking. The GD Psych Services program includes intake, ongoing assessment, and frequent status updates to referring agencies using The Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment (ODARA), The Domestic Violence Inventory (DVI), and The Family Peace Initiative Curriculum. Our Domestic Violence Group Intervention provides the tools and resources to help individuals find new ways to end family violence by working closely with the courts, probation, and other agencies to successfully change violent and destructive behavior.

If you would like to refer someone or get in contact with us about this group, please contact Clinical Office Manager, Averi Gleason, at, 505-218-6383, or fax a referral to 774-221-9193. Space is limited. Thank you for your support and referrals!