Slow Vinyasa Yoga

At GD Psych Services, LLC, our patients can experience physical and mental benefits through whole-body exercise in the form of yoga. More specifically, our clinic specializes in Slow Vinyasa Yoga, popularly known as “Slow Flow” Yoga. This distinct form of Yoga links methodical movement, essential breathing, and many traditional poses together and empashises on the transition between poses. Those with previous Yoga experience will find Slow Vinyasa Yoga invigorating and conducive to inward focus, though this form of Yoga can also benefit beginners as well as those with physical limitations.

Regardless of your previous Yoga experience, Slow Vinyasa Yoga at GD Psych Services is the perfect place to learn and refine many popular Yoga poses, and our Yoga sessions are perfect for teaching patients how to move, breathe, and stretch between the various poses. Participants will have time to mentally engage with their bodies as they move through a series, and in time, these poses will strengthen and refine to allow greater concentration and therapeutic exercise. Think of Slow Vinyasa Yoga as “moving meditation” and therapy that actively engages both body and mind.

If you have any questions regarding our yoga services or if you would like to attend our next session, please contact us at 505-218-6383 today.