Telehealth & Teletherapy

Looking for remote therapy services right from the comfort of your own home?

GD Psych Services is proud to serve clients across the state of New Mexico with fully licensed, flexible, and secure teletherapy and telehealth services. Our staff of clinical social workers, mental health counselors, and psychologists are now available for remote therapy sessions right from the privacy of your own home. GD Psych Services provides telehealth and teletherapy services via HIPAA compliant, fully secure video chat sessions over everyday mobile devices including smartphones, PCs, tablets and iPads, and traditional phones. Getting the mental counseling and psychological support you need is merely a click or call away with GD Psych Services at your side!

We understand that making arrangements to see our professional staff at GD Psych Services can be easier said than done, especially for patients with mobility limitations, lack of transportation, illness, childcare needs, and more. That’s why GD Psych Services is bridging the gap with our telehealth and teletherapy services. This allows our team to connect directly with patients via a secure video platform that can be accessed by phone, tablet, and computer when coming to see us at our location isn’t possible or convenient.

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If you believe you or a family member could benefit from our remote telehealth and teletherapy services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 505-218-6383 today.