Medication Management

Please note we are taking names now for our prescriber who will be taking new patients April 2020.

At GD Psych Services, we know it can be difficult to fully understand prescription medications that have been recommended for you or a dependent family member. That’s why we proudly offer our clients psychiatric medication management and assessment. Our team is available to discuss medications that you have been prescribed or those you may be interested in taking, and we can help you and key family members make more informed decisions regarding your medications and treatment options. We can also help you better understand the actions, uses, and side effects of your recommended medication options.

When each patient agrees on a medication and treatment option, the medication is prescribed for a temporary trial period to observe its effectiveness. This is the medication management part of your psychiatric care. Our team will oversee your trial period and determine if the medication successfully meets your treatment goals. It’s important to entrust this important decision to an experienced professional at GD Psych Services, because every patient’s individual brain chemistry reacts differently to medications. With professional monitoring and improved patient education, we’re confident we can discover the perfect treatment plan for your mental health.

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If you believe you or a family member could benefit from professional medication management and assessment, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 505-218-6383 today.