Get The Help You Need From A Licensed Clinical Social Worker In Rio Rancho

Dealing with mental health issues, challenging emotions, and life or work circumstances that you cannot handle on your own can be overwhelming. When people lack the skills for gaining the relief that they need, these are problems that can quickly spiral out of control. At GD Psych Services, we believe that the best solution is to work with a licensed clinical social worker in Rio Rancho.

Many of the solutions that people are often seeking can be found in talk therapy. Surprisingly, being able to talk about your concerns in a stress-free and non-judgmental environment can be a tremendous source of stress relief. As people talk through their problems, they often discover that the answers to them lie directly within themselves. Our counselors also encourage journal writing, stress-relieving exercise, and other therapeutic activities as proactive forms of stress management.

For couples, we assist in building stronger communication skills. Not only does this include learning how to state feelings and emotions in understandable ways, but it also entails the development of skills in active listening. When couples are able to effectively listen to one another, they’re often able to forge stronger bonds and meaningful connections.

For professionals, we offer services that make work-life balance and stress management easier. We work with professionals on an individual basis, and also assist companies in the establishment of ongoing employee support plans. These services give the advantage of preserving and retaining top talent by providing a means for employees to work through intense personal or work-related challenges.

We also help people in identifying and dealing with untreated mental health disorders. We know that co-morbidity or dual diagnosis is one of the most common contributors to substance use disorder. By helping people find healthy coping strategies for dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety, we’re often able to help them avoid the dangerous and personal ravages of self-medicating. Get in touch with us today for more information on the comprehensive suite of counseling services that we offer.

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